New Win2PDF Plug-In Adds a Terms & Conditions Sheet to a PO

We recently created a new Win2PDF Plug-In for a customer and it’s useful enough to share with all Win2PDF users. The Win2PDF Append File Plug-In allows you to append a standard file to any new PDF created using Win2PDF. While this Plug-In can be used for a variety of situations, here’s what the customer wanted: … Continue reading “New Win2PDF Plug-In Adds a Terms & Conditions Sheet to a PO”

Amazon S3 Upload Plug-In for Win2PDF

Win2PDF has a new Plug-In available to automatically upload PDF (or image) files to an Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) bucket. Amazon S3 is a scalable, cloud-based object storage service that is part of Amazon Web Services (AWS). While Win2PDF itself is not cloud-based, it can save files to cloud-based services like Amazon S3, Dropbox, … Continue reading “Amazon S3 Upload Plug-In for Win2PDF”

Win2PDF Plug-Ins Extend Features Specific to Customers’ Needs

Last month we introduced a new Win2PDF Plug-In for Slack, and this month we’re back with several new Win2PDF Plug-Ins. A Win2PDF Plug-In is simply a small customizable program that can be created, modified, or installed that will give the user an option to automatically take some action with the PDF file after it has … Continue reading “Win2PDF Plug-Ins Extend Features Specific to Customers’ Needs”

NEW! Win2PDF “Send to Slack” Plug-In

One of the requests we get is how to take some action after a PDF file is created, and do it automatically. The most common example is to take the PDF file and attach it to a new email message. While Win2PDF has supported this feature since the beginning, many customers want to expand this … Continue reading “NEW! Win2PDF “Send to Slack” Plug-In”

Win2PDF Now Supports PDF Direct Printing

What is PDF Direct printing? PDF Direct is a feature available on many printers that allows PDF files to be sent straight to the printer without being processed through any software first. There may be slightly different names used by each printer company, but it’s typically referred to as PDF Direct Print or Direct PDF … Continue reading “Win2PDF Now Supports PDF Direct Printing”

Digital Signatures, Digital Certificates, and PDF Authentication

For centuries people used a wax seal on letters to prove to the recipient that the letter was from a trusted source and had not been tampered with.  Did you know there is a way to do this digitally with your PDF file? We recently added a feature that allows you to apply a digital … Continue reading “Digital Signatures, Digital Certificates, and PDF Authentication”

Get Into Your PDF Flow using Microsoft’s Power Automate Desktop Software

Soooo many requests: “I wish there was an easy way to convert all of these text files to PDF automatically.” “Why can’t I just save an entire series of web pages as searchable PDF files?” “How can I consolidate weekly reports from different applications and formats to a single PDF file without spending my whole … Continue reading “Get Into Your PDF Flow using Microsoft’s Power Automate Desktop Software”

[Case Study] Converting TIFF to PDF Using New Command Line Tools

Win2PDF has expanded its Command Line Interface to support two new conversion features. TIFF to PDF — This option converts TIFF graphic images into PDF files. PDF Image Only — This option converts PDF files to an Image Only format. Image Only PDF files can be used to make the PDF unsearchable, “flatten” text fields … Continue reading “[Case Study] Converting TIFF to PDF Using New Command Line Tools”