Amazon S3 Upload Plug-In for Win2PDF

Win2PDF has a new Plug-In available to automatically upload PDF (or image) files to an Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) bucket. Amazon S3 is a scalable, cloud-based object storage service that is part of Amazon Web Services (AWS). While Win2PDF itself is not cloud-based, it can save files to cloud-based services like Amazon S3, Dropbox, … Continue reading “Amazon S3 Upload Plug-In for Win2PDF”

Win2PDF Plug-Ins Extend Features Specific to Customers’ Needs

Last month we introduced a new Win2PDF Plug-In for Slack, and this month we’re back with several new Win2PDF Plug-Ins. A Win2PDF Plug-In is simply a small customizable program that can be created, modified, or installed that will give the user an option to automatically take some action with the PDF file after it has … Continue reading “Win2PDF Plug-Ins Extend Features Specific to Customers’ Needs”

NEW! Win2PDF “Send to Slack” Plug-In

One of the requests we get is how to take some action after a PDF file is created, and do it automatically. The most common example is to take the PDF file and attach it to a new email message. While Win2PDF has supported this feature since the beginning, many customers want to expand this … Continue reading “NEW! Win2PDF “Send to Slack” Plug-In”

Digital Signatures, Digital Certificates, and PDF Authentication

For centuries people used a wax seal on letters to prove to the recipient that the letter was from a trusted source and had not been tampered with.  Did you know there is a way to do this digitally with your PDF file? We recently added a feature that allows you to apply a digital … Continue reading “Digital Signatures, Digital Certificates, and PDF Authentication”

Get Into Your PDF Flow using Microsoft’s Power Automate Desktop Software

Soooo many requests: “I wish there was an easy way to convert all of these text files to PDF automatically.” “Why can’t I just save an entire series of web pages as searchable PDF files?” “How can I consolidate weekly reports from different applications and formats to a single PDF file without spending my whole … Continue reading “Get Into Your PDF Flow using Microsoft’s Power Automate Desktop Software”

[Case Study] Converting TIFF to PDF Using New Command Line Tools

Win2PDF has expanded its Command Line Interface to support two new conversion features. TIFF to PDF — This option converts TIFF graphic images into PDF files. PDF Image Only — This option converts PDF files to an Image Only format. Image Only PDF files can be used to make the PDF unsearchable, “flatten” text fields … Continue reading “[Case Study] Converting TIFF to PDF Using New Command Line Tools”