Video tutorials and online support

A few weeks ago 60 Minutes ran a story about Khan Academy, a non-profit web site started by Sal Khan, who initially created online video lessons to help tutor his niece in math.  Before long,  others were following his video guides on YouTube and now the web site he helped start is one of the major online learning hubs on the internet.

As software developers, one of the issues we frequently encounter – especially in technical support – is how to explain things in simple terms so that even inexperienced computer users can understand our product and how to make it work.

Over the years we’ve expanded our online documentation and knowledgebase to include a lot of information on how to do different things and trouble-shoot problems, but now we are starting to add screen capture video to help explain the basic uses for Win2PDF.  Here’s an example of a basic screen capture video that we used to describe how to create a simple PDF file.

For the video tutorial creation, we’ve played around with several different software packages and we’re currently using Camtasia Studio from TechSmith.  So far it seems to work for our purposes.

The home for these new video tutorials will be our Win2PDF YouTube channel.  Add it to your favorites in YouTube, or watch this space as we continue to add more tutorials.

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