Windows 8.1 Preview

On June 26th, Microsoft will release a free 8.1 update to its Windows 8 operating system.  Here’s the preview video demonstrating the new features in 8.1.

New 8.1 features at a glance:

    • Improved Personalization.  You’ll be able to view pictures on lock screen like a digital photo frame.  It will also provide more background images and colors for the Start screen, more tile sizes, and moving backgrounds.
    • Enhanced Search. The search charm will provide global search results using Bing.  The search results will be displayed in an app-like experience, allowing to to find information on both your local PC or tablet as well as the internet as a whole.
    • App Improvements. For example, the Photos app will now include basic editing features, and there will be better support of multiple app viewing.  An “All Apps” screen will appear when you swipe up from the main Start screen.
    • Improved cloud connectivity using SkyDrive. With 8.1, you’ll be able to save files directly to your SkyDrive cloud file storage account from any app.
    • Internet Explorer 11.  IE11 has improvements for page loading speed and touch performance.

For Win2PDF users, there aren’t any changes with this new operating system update, but we will be adding a Win2PDF Desktop app to the Windows 8 store soon (we’ll provide more details when it’s available).

If you are a Win2PDF user and are new to Windows 8, please feel free to check our our Windows 8 support topics using the links below:

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