Creating and Converting PDF Files on Windows XP

It’s hard to believe, but Windows XP was released over 20 years ago in August of 2001. [Fun fact: the first release of Win2PDF was released 16 months earlier]. Even though Microsoft retired XP in 2009, ended extended support in 2014, and discontinued all security updates in 2019, we still find customers who are using this operating system, typically for older legacy software that cannot be updated.

Many of these legacy applications generate reports or forms, and there is still a need to save these files as PDF. While Adobe Acrobat officially ended their support of Windows XP in 2014, Win2PDF still supports Windows XP, even with our most current Win2PDF 10 software. This includes all of the features currently available, including the ability to auto-name PDF files.

Remember: If you do have an older Windows XP application and need PDF software, Win2PDF is still available.

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